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Royce Lovett

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At the age of 13, Royce Lovett had grown up with music surrounding him. His mother, Rosa, was a worship leader at church, and she had introduced him to Christian worship bands like Hillsong, while also influencing his tastes with artists such as Michael Jackson. Later, at 15, Royce was starving for more music as his tastes turned to the style of hip-hop. He discovered his music “idol”, Musiq Soulchild, and from there he found more and more inspiration from artists like Soup The Chemist, Lauren Hill and The Fugees. Royce learned how to play the guitar, and the combination of these events made him realize his talent and passion for music.

Fast forward 11 years to 2012; Royce resides in Tallahassee, Florida, is married, a father, has toured France with overwhelming success, and is working on his fifth album (fourth solo album). His style isn´t straight forward; it´s a grand mash up of alternative hip-hop, soul, reggae vibes, and R&B he has coined “Cerebral Soul.” All of these elements are combined with his Christian roots, and Royce says that his music is all about “letting my beliefs shine through my message and talking about real issues.”In his own words, his goal of his music is to “tap into the intellect and inspire change, because music doesn´t change people. People change people.” Royce says his music conveys a positive, upbeat image that anyone who loves music can appreciate. He writes his own songs and they feature a wide variety of topics, but mostly on love “in all forms, from friendly love, love for your brother, or romantic love.” Royce has performed in many live venues over the years, and his tour in France has brought him international coverage as well.

Royce Lovett has been playing his music live throughout Florida for the previous 8 years, and professionally as his sole career since 2007. He has performed in a plethora of locales outside of his hometown, including the Murray Hill Theatre in Jacksonville, The Swamp in Fort Walton Beach, AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island and many live radio shows down the East coast and in the Panhandle including NPR, and BlowRadio in Milwaukee. In Tallahassee specifically, he has performed at RedEye, The Mockingbird Café, The Engine Room, Fourth of July City of Tallahassee Concert, The Moon, The Side Bar, and The Filling Station, to name a few.

In 2011, Royce traveled to France for a 3 month tour. One of his best shows and most favourite venue was the Hippopotamus Club in Paris, where more than 150 people came out to sing, dance, eat, and have fun listening to the new artist in town. Royce made the front page of the newspaper in a town called Beauvais, and walked into a café that was playing his CD. His favourite place to tour, France opened up Royce to the international stage and he hopes to return before too long to continue touring in the UK and Europe as a whole.
In the next few years, Royce hopes to be a part of a college tour across the USA and be signed to an independent record label; his long-term goals include chatting on the Good Morning Show, being awarded a Grammy Award, collaborating with his favourite artists, and making a good living doing what he loves.

To find Royce´s music, just look online or attend one of his performances! Royce Lovett´s three solo albums, “Acoustic Incentive”, “My Hopeless Romance”, and “Ought-Ism”, can be found absolutely anywhere online: iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon.com, and Tunecore. He also has 3 free downloadable online EPs called “Sunday Morning EP”, “Live at the Engine Room”, and “Live at V89.” His wife, Hannah, and his 6-month-old son Levi man the merchandise table at his concerts where picking up a poster or CD is encouraged and greatly appreciated. In Tallahassee, local stores like Paper Back Shack and Video 21 stock his CDs as well. Other ways to find Royce include his website, roycelovett.com, where you can find information about his upcoming performances, his blog, and booking information, his Facebook fan page (search “Royce Lovett”) , and Twitter (@RoyceLovett).


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