Donnerstag Januar

Get to know: Storytelling

sektor5 Coworking Spaces Wien Siebenbrunnengasse 44, 1050 Wien
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr Beginn: 19:01 Uhr
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Get to know: Storytelling am 26. January 2017 @ sektor5 Coworking Spaces Wien.

First the bad news: Due to the incredible interest in the event, unfortunately we’ve had to close registrations as we’ve exceeded our venue’s capacity. However…

The Good news: We’re already planning a repeat of the event in the coming months in a bigger venue. Stay tuned for more details…

(insert dramatic drum roll here) Vienna Würstelstand presents the new exciting event series, Get to Know…

Get to Know… is an event series built around the idea that new paths can be discovered after these 3 words – Get to know…

The premiere of Get to Know… is bringing together some of Vienna’s wildest creative minds to talk about the power of Storytelling, in its many different forms.

5 storytellers – a ton of inspiration – unexpected ideas with impact – no shame

Entry is free, but please register here in advance: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/get-to-knowstorytelling-tickets-31257112866

Storytellers on stage:
+ Hanna Herbst: Award-winning Journalist, Editor at Vice, Forbes 30 under 30, storyteller of real life.

+ Laura Karasinski: award-winning Art Directrice, TEDtalker, storyteller of design, Forbes 30 under 30.

+ Daniel Shaked: portrait photographer, storyteller of souls.

+ George Nimeh: Award-winning digital marketing guru, TEDtalker, storyteller of brands.

+ Jacob Moss: Founder of Vienna Würstelstand, Head storyteller of creative agency pow. bang. boom, Journalist, infamous sock thief, storyteller of life

These superstar storytellers will be speaking words that hit hard, and inspire.
Plus: DJs Bart and Lisa aka THE SMASHERS will be catering to your musical needs. (More here: www.facebook.com/thesmashers)

You can expect a mix between a festival + talk of ideas in a no-shame setting where somebody in the crowd can feel comfortable enough to jump up out of their chair and yell, ‘Mama mia! that’s a spicy meatbal!l’ when overcome by inspiration.

Stories can change our mind. They can build worlds.

People tell their stories to help others live theirs.

The power of storytelling has never been stronger.

Brands and marketing professionals now want to learn the secrets of the creative artist.

Technology may be universal, but creativity disrupts and makes the difference.

Stories can be real or imagined, and turn up in many different forms.

The creative has never been more valuable.

There will also be…

An Instagram ‘Storytelling’ photography exhibition – Drinks – two handsome DJs – some strange guy on a saxophone and synthesizer – piñata (because what’s a party without a piñata)

Get to Know… is powered by Vienna’s leading English publication, Vienna Würstelstand, and the city’s co-working space sektor5 (http://www.sektor5.at) where creatives, startups, clever tech companies and all kinds of other young professionals looking for an instant office and instant community, find a home.

Where: sektor5, Siebenbrunnengasse 44, 1050
When: Thursday, Jan. 26, 7pm