Donnerstag November

Fisch-Fest: ants!, BHF, Real Life Version

Das Bach Bachgasse 21, 1160 Wien
Einlass: 00:00 Uhr Beginn: 00:00 Uhr
Gratis Eintritt!
Fisch-Fest: ants!, BHF, Real Life Version am 27. November 2014 @ Das Bach.

Das FISCH-FEST startet dieses Jahr von 12.11. bis 28.11. in seine 2. Runde! Es handelt sich dabei um ein dreiwöchiges Musik-Festival, im Rahmen dessen jede Woche, von MI – SA, Konzerte mit anschließender DJ-Line stattfinden werden. Jeder Tag wird von einem anderen Wiener Label oder Konzertveranstalter kuratiert, zu hören wird es fast ausschließlich österreichische Bands und DJs aus den Bereichen Rock, Indie, Garage, Punk, Ska, Reggae und Metal geben. Und das Beste daran – alle Veranstaltungen finden bei freiem Eintritt statt!


Hardcorepunk aus Wr. Neustadt! Founded in 2007, we come along with mostly political lyrics without pointing an incriminating finger. After our first full-length release “Profit über Menschen” in 2009, four european-tours and a 7inch release in summer 2011, we released our second full-length “shoplifting at stock markets” on 24th may 2013!

Punkrock aus Graz ants! started out as a 3-piece band, formed out of the idea of a bunch of idealistic idiots to spend some time together and share our passion, listening and making music. we always considered ourselves as a political band and wanted to reflect this in our songs too. Personal Demons, Social Commentary and closely held Political Issue stand alone more as discussions to be held rather than lessons to be taught withoin our lyrics. we’re following a DIY-ethic and an anti-fascist anti-racist anti-sexist and animal-friendly agenda.

Punkrock aus Slowenien! Real Life Version originating from Slovenia have risen from a strong local hardcore scene in their hometown Ajdovscina which was the centre of alternative music in the area. The band formed in late 2005, continuing the legacy of legendary local bands. Real Life Version represent rock attitude with punk d.i.y. mentality, with friendship being the driving force behind their music.