Dienstag Februar

Cloud Nothings

Chelsea Lerchenfelder Gürtel / U-Bahnbögen 29-30, 1080 Wien
Einlass: 20:30 Uhr Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
  • Vorverkauf 18.00
Cloud Nothings am 12. February 2019 @ Chelsea.

Die Indie-Rocker CLOUD NOTHINGS gehen es wieder ruppig an!

Das Quartett aus Cleveland veröffentlicht am 19. Oktober das neue Album „Last Building Burning“ (Car Park Records). „Sieben kurze Songs und ein langer, intensive Ausbrüche, kontrolliertes Chaos“, so Frontmann Dylan Baldi über den mittlerweile fünfte Longplayer der Band. Es wird also wieder widerspenstig werden, und ein würdiger Nachfolger auf das gefeierte Album „Life Without Sound“, das vor eineinhalb Jahre erschien.

Cloud Nothings fold all of that forward momentum into their newest record, Last Building Burning. Just over half an hour in length, the album is a singular listen designed to mirror the experience of their live shows. Gerycz and Duke propel the rhythm section with their fastest speed to date. Baldi and guitarist Chris Brown reshape converging guitar parts into double-edged swords, reaching beyond power chords for instantly pleasing riffs that are urgent in delivery. Though the record touches on various sounds of the band’s past—“Another Way Of Life” digs its toes into the harmonies of Life Without Sound and “On An Edge” recalls the blistering peaks of Here and Nowhere Else—it showcases how untouchable the band has become. Cloud Nothings are a permanent staple of what rock music should sound like: gritty, caustic, and tireless. In that, almost a decade into their career, Cloud Nothings have become a reference point for budding rock acts while perpetually looking to outdo themselves as they go.