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The Loft Lerchenfeldergürtel 37, 1160 Wien
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Eamon McGrath
Set for release September 9 on Aporia Records, McGrath is ready to wrap up the whole journey in one loud, cohesive musical document – Exile Part Three. On Part One McGrath channeled his love of mid-80s Twin Cities indie rock on tracks like “Enduring Love” and “Bitter Ends” while Part Two transported us to the musical climate of the Pacific Northwest at the turn of the next decade, with tracks like “Paper Boats” and “Canadian Shield” showing the grungier, Nirvana and Crazy Horse-influenced side of his sound.
Part Three takes the sound all the way from the Nebraska-era Springsteen-esque “Enterprise”, to the chorus-heavy title track “Exile”. All followed up by the cold and murky stomper “History of Canadian Music”, which serves as the most accurate musical and lyrical depiction of modern life in the Great White North that McGrath has conjured up yet.
The constant touring schedule undergone in support of the EXILE series has seen McGrath visit almost every city and town in the northern hemisphere between Vancouver and Warsaw, twice – that’s 17,000 km traveled via railway, van, bus, boat or plane in the name of a fierce lifelong devotion to the DIY ethic and the true spirit of punk rock. To celebrate the completion of EXILE, McGrath is once again ready to raise the curtain on another round of touring in Canada and Europe.

James Choice
Er kommt eigentlich aus Salzburg, hat sich in London gefunden und ist dennoch in Wien. Musikalisch bewegt er sich mit Hilfe ausgetüftelter Melodien und herzlicher Rhythmen hin und her. Verbunden mit seiner herausragenden Stimme entsteht ein liebevoll, melancholisches Klangbild.