Freitag Oktober

10 Years DUZZ DOWN SAN - Labelnight Wien

Flex - Café Donaukanal / Augartenbrücke, 1010 Wien
Einlass: 21:00 Uhr Beginn: 22:00 Uhr
  • Abendkasse 10.00
10 Years DUZZ DOWN SAN - Labelnight Wien am 5. October 2018 @ Flex - Café.

▪ Yarah Bravo
▪ Restless Leg Syndrome
▪ Scheibsta
▪ Scattah Brain
▪ Worst Messiah
▪ Kinetical & P.TAH
▪ Mosch
▪ Karäil

▪ Spinelly, Testa, Chrisfader

Wir feiern heuer unser 10 jähriges Bestehen mit zwei großen Labelnights in Wien und in Innsbruck!


„Our music knows no genres. Our trademark is a signature expression of music, situated somewhere between dope instrumentals and experimental rap with an avantgardist touch. Our artists don’t have the same sound in common, moreover, they have the realness and sincerity to their music in common – each and every one. We don’t cater to the needs of markets and inconstant economies. Our goal is to provide a functioning platform for our artists in order to support them at what they do best. Duzz Down San. One love.“