Freitag April

Zona pres. Munk live!

Flex Flex Augartenbrücke 1, 1010 Wien
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ZONA presents MUNK


What the hell is MUNK?

MUNK is the band of MATHIAS MODICA. One of the two owners of the GOMMA LABEL from Germany. Mathias is half German and half Italian. He releases music under the name of Munk, travels around the world as a DJ and with his MUNK band, runs the Gomma label with his friend Jonas Imbery, does T shirt designs, produces music for independent fashion shows, does soundinstallations and organizes exhibitions (the MondoGomma shows that have been taken place in Tokio, Stockholm, Berlin a.o. cities)

The new MUNK album CLOUDBUSTER has been released on Gomma. It’s a dirty mix of deep, freaked out disco and weird psychadelic and electronic music. There are different guests on the album: Italian actress ASIA ARGENTO sings the single LIVE FAST DIE OLD!, German 70ies movieicon Klaus Lemke wrote some lyrics and and Jonas Imbery did the co production.

Apart of Live Fast Die Old! you maybe know MUNK’s other big hit KICK OUT THE CHAIRS! from the first album ‘Aperitivo’ (2005): It was recorded with JAMES MURPHY of DFA/ LCD Soundsystem on vocals. Currently MUNK are touring around Europe. The band features Mathias and three of his friends. Polyester, Jens Dohle and Ben Mono. Check them out! It’s fun fun fun!