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Defrage (Est) + Blizard zenekar (HU) + I Watch Mountains Grow

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Defrage is a rising and all-time-touring rock band from Estonia founded by guitarist Kari Kärner in 2007. The band plays a blend of post-grunge mixed with alternative metal with an emphasis on strong melodies. The band has received a degree of fame by numerous gigs in Estonia as well as breaking different hotels after the concerts which some were filmed and the footage was leaked to Estonian news in the end of 2011. Since then the band got very bad reputation among Estonian people and they were also blacklisted in every Estonian hotel. Soon after that the band filmed a video for ‚Hotel Breakers‘ and left to European Tour with thoughts to never return… After 1 year of touring the band furiously carries on and is currently working on a new studio album which will be released in March 2013.

Blizard was founded in summer of 2005 but the band’s officially activity started in 2007. Our standard purpose was try to bring a new wave to the inland metal scene and of course create a great live performance. The Blizard’s style is a kind of modern metal mixed metalcore, hardcore, trash and own, unique sounds. As you can find in our music hard riffs you can find some soft funky, jazz and acoustic parts too. The last three years a lot of good things had happened to us: we had many concerts around the country, won some talent shows and made our first ep with name ‚From Heaven To Hell‘. Our next step is the first, full lenght album with title ‚Desolation‘ what was made in autumn of 2009 and was published in 2010 by EDGE Records. These days we work on the second album and in a little while we will record our first videoclip.

I Watch Mountains Grow
Info: ‚I Watch Mountains Grow‘ was founded as ‚Rotted on Toilet‘ in 2009. In August 2012, they released their first EP ‚A Place To Get Lost‘. They combine Progressive Hardcore with Melodic Death Metal.

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