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Worldly Savages

OST Bühne Schwindgasse 1, 1040 Wien
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Worldly Savages

CONTAGIOUS FOLK PUNK ENERGY with Ethno Music Spiciness. Wild Music with a strong message to Fight Boring Post-Modernity!

Lineup of Band:
Erik (Vocals), Yula (Violin), Britton (Guitar), Ivo (Bass), Ben (Drums), Henry (Accordion)

A band in the true trans-national Gypsy Punk tradition, part Eastern European, Western European & North American, Worldly Savages has been a cosmopolitan and international band from its inception. Started in Belgrade, Serbia in 2008 by Erik Mut, a musician from Canada of Slavic, German & Celtic mixednicity who traveled to Serbia to find creative inspiration. The band grew up in Toronto, Canada & London, England and matured touring all around Europe.  Their new CD ‚March Towards the Madness‘ was recorded in Belgrade, Serbia and is released in March 2013.

BAND WEBSITE (including MP3’s): http://www.worldlysavages.com
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/worldlysavages