Von 07
Donnerstag September
Bis 09
Samstag September

Waves Vienna 2023 December

The Loft Lerchenfeldergürtel 37, 1160 Wien
Beginn: 17:00 Uhr
Waves Vienna 2023 am 7. September 2023 @ The Loft.
Waves Vienna is the city’s first club- and showcase festival.
In late summer music makers from all over the world and their works will be presented at Vienna’s most significant venues.
In addition to Waves Vienna’s DNA-motto „East meets West“ a new focus from 2022 onwards will also deal with socio-political topics and problems.


Since 2022, Waves Vienna has had a new leitmotif besides the conference focus on East meets West: diversity. Since then, each year a new aspect from the large range of topics is worked on as a red thread for the discourse and festival programme. While the live programme features a wide variety of national and international acts, the conference offers a diverse discourse programme with panels, keynotes, workshops, master classes and many networking opportunities. The large range of topics is worked on as a red thread for the discourse and festival programme.


The Waves Vienna Conference constitutes a part of the festival and offers the possibility to attend lectures and panels and to participate in workshops and masterclasses. The subject-specific programme will deal with the topic „East meets West“, which will serve as the basis and inspiration for many years of pan-European cooperation.

 Line-Up 2023

THU 8.SEP 23

Ada Oda (BE)
Al-Qasar (BE)
Annie Taylor (CH)
Aziya (UK)
Becky Sikasa (DE)
Belvoir (FR)
Bon Jour (AT)
Cousines Like Shit (AT)
Drive Moya (AT)
Endless Wellness (AT)
Ferge X Fisherman + Nujakasha (DE)
Güner Künier (DE)
Ikan Hyu (CH)
Jamila & The Other Heroes (DE)
Kayomi (AT)
Ki! (DK)
le_mol (AT)
Marí (DK)
Mele (DE)
Moveknowledement (SI)
Pau Vegas (ES)
Peter The Human Boy (AT)
Picobello (AT)
SHkodra Elektronike (AL)
The New Mourning (AT)
Turfu (FR)
Wolfolks (HU)

FRI 9. SEP 23

Airu (ES)
Another Vision (AT)
Bad Weed (AT)
Bex (AT)
Carson Coma (HU)
Chalk (IE)
Charlotte Fever (FR)
Childe (UK)
Damona (DE)
Dave McKendry (AT)
Dolphin Love (AT)
Ferielle (FR)
Flawless Issues (DE)
Frau Thomas & Herr Martin (AT)
Gents (DK)
Hanba! (AT)
le:la (AT)
Meagre Martin (DE)
Meta_ (PT)
Moira (CH)
Neps (AT)
Neunundneunzig (AT)
Nina Kohout (SK)
Oopus (EE)
Oscar Lang (UK)
Pure Chlorine (AT)
Reveal Party (DK)
Rian (AT)
Salamirecorder & the Hi-Fi Phonos (AT)
Salomea (DE)
Sander Sanchez (DK)
Serpentin (DE)
Shelf Lives (UK)
Spilif (AT)
Tautumeitas (LV)
Thala (DE)
Ublu (DK)

SAT 10. SEP 23

Adina (DE)
Anda Morts (AT)
Anna Mabo (AT)
Astrid- (AT)
Barbicop (CH)
Berq (DE)
boebeck (HU)
Brothertiger (US)
Elav (AT)
fiio (AT)
Filly (AT)
Freude (AT)
Hidden Gemz (AT)
Kosy (AT)
Lahra (AT)
Lisa Wanloo (SE)
Loki (DE)
Moon Mates (DE)
Night Tapes (UK)
Pina Palau (CH)
Porchlight (UK)
Rauchen (DE)
Sam Quealy (AU)
Shybits (DE)
Siska (AT)
Soft Loft (CH)
The Crab Apples (ES)
Willow Parlo (DE)


Date 07 – 09.09.2023
Venues: Metropol, The Loft, Fanialive, Chelsea, B72, rhiz, Kramladen
More details about Waves Vienna 2023: