Samstag Januar

Vienna Coffee Festival - Masterclass 4 - Controlling Heat Transfer

Ottakringer Brauerei Ottakringer Platz 1, 1160 WIEN
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Beginn: 15:00 Uhr
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Vienna Coffee Festival - Masterclass 4 - Controlling Heat Transfer am 12. January 2019 @ Ottakringer Brauerei.

Premiere feiert die „VCF-Masterclass“ in Theorie und Praxis mit dem US-Amerikaner Rob Hoos, einem der interessantesten Kaffee-Experten, Buchautor und Röster aus Portland, Oregon. Vom Anbau, der Ernte und der Verarbeitung in der Kaffeeplantage über die Bedeutung von Single Origins und deren Terroir und Sortentypizität. Der Einführung ins Cupping und Bewertung von Rohkaffee, bis hin zum Prozess des Probe- und Profil-Röstens zur Bestimmung des individuellen Charakters des Kaffees. In fünf Modulen á 3 Stunden ist alles dabei, um die eigene Kaffeekompetenz zu verbessern. Holy shit, it’s coffee! (Das Masterclass-Ticket inkludiert auch den Tageseintritt zum Vienna Coffee Festival)


Masterclass 1: Seed to Cup-Understanding Origins / Introduction to Cupping (3 hrs)
This class is designed to help people understand the entire process that coffee goes through during planting, harvesting, processing, and drying with special attention to how all of this impacts the flavor of the coffee. In addition to exploring coffee farming and processing, we will turn our attention to the way by which coffee is commonly evaluated in the coffee industry, cupping. Focusing on the use, setup, and scoring this portion of the course provides hands-on experience, feedback, and a chance to calibrate scores with other cuppers.

Masterclass 2: Green Coffee Grading and Navigating Coffee Buying (3 hrs)
This course provides information on common green coffee defects, their potential origins and flavor impact on the coffee, as well as the opportunity to engage in green grading in class. Furthermore, the course will go on to explore coffee buying channels (their pros and cons), contracts, and ethics.

Masterclass 3: Profile Roasting and Recording & Sample Roasting (3 hrs)
Profile roasting is the standard for modern roasting and deals with everything that goes into both making (recording) and following the roasting recipe for a coffee. Profile roasting is all about data acquisition and prioritizing that data into what is helpful and what is not. Then using that data to guide your choices while roasting in order to achieve desired results. Also covering sample roasting and the role of sample roasting in our industry as a tool for green evaluation and cup quality evaluation.

Masterclass 4: Understanding and Controlling Heat Transfer in the Roasting System (3 hrs)
This course focuses on understanding the elements that influence and control the application of heat energy in a roasting machine as well as the instruments that read the resultant temperature change. The goal of this class is to equip the learner with a better understanding of the mechanisms at play so that you can take control of your roast.

Masterclass 5: Chemical and Physical Changes During Roasting / Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee (3 hrs)
In this course, the chemical and physical changes that coffee undergoes from green to roasted are discussed at length as well as connecting these chemical changes with potential flavor outcomes. This is then taken a step further as we move into a deeper dive into the material of the book “Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee” and explore the ways in which flavor can change during the process of roasting and how to control these different segments of the roast in order to achieve desirable flavors in the final product.