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GROUP RHODA – synth / USA / live

Sirius&Darktunes – new romantic synthwave / host djs

Group Rhoda is the recording and performing moniker of San Francisco resident Mara Barenbaum. What began with a desire to learn the machinations of pop music and the environment in which it is produced, has culminated in Group Rhoda.
With grounding in the minimal and the post-industrial landscape, Group Rhoda take classic west coast psychedelia, Suicide?s mechanical simplicity, and the industrial rhythms of Throbbing Gristle through surprising detours. Tropical rhythms, dubbed-out bass, hypnotic Wurlitzer flourishes and, Barrenbaum?s distinctive, plaintive vocal drench this debut with a technicolour, sun-blanched imagination.
Presented by antistars + Night School Records


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