Montag August

Urethane + Stalag 13 + Fang + We Outspoken

Rhiz U-Bahnbogen 37-38 / Lerchenfeldergürtel, 1080 Wien
Einlass: 19:30 Uhr
Urethane + Stalag 13 + Fang + We Outspoken am 7. August 2023 @ Rhiz.


Urethane is an American pop punk band hailing from San Diego county. Formed during a pandemic in the winter of 2021. The group’s line-up consists of vocalist/guitarist Tim Fennelly (War Fever), guitarist Steve Caballero (The Faction/Odd Man Out), bassist Chad Ruiz (Skipjack) and drummer Dylan Wade (ex The Bombpops). Their musical roots dive deep into Punk rock and Melodic hardcore. Urethane’s music emphasizes catchy choruses and melodic hooks that range from mid-tempo anthemic ballads to aggressively fast bangers reminiscent of legends No Use for a Name, Bad Religion and NOFX. Lyrically, the songs are a roller coaster of themes that touch on personal struggles, failures and disappointments that deal with emotional and spiritual identities as well as addressing environmental and societal destruction. The bands debut album produced and recorded by Cameron Webb will be released on Cyber-Tracks Records in Fall 2021.

We Outspoken

We Outspoken, a voice for those who want and need to be heard, a stance above the crowd. An inclusive movement, philosophy, and driving force that four musicians have cultivated into an art form that expands the medium of music into something relative, real, and true, calling their audience to be outspoken; to live the life they choose.
Authentic, edgy, and disciplined are some words used to describe the sound of the band from Toronto, Canada.
Stalag 13
Along with Agression, Dr.Know and Ill Repute, Stalag 13 were one of the four original Nardcore bands. (Nardcore being the term adopted by the punk and hardcore bands from the seaside L.A. suburb of Oxnard, CA.) Stalag 13 formed in 1981, and released their classic nine song EP, In Control, in 1984. Over the years it’s had some tracks added, and the easiest version to find is essentially a full length on Dr. Strange/Puke N Vomit Records.
Stalag 13 had mostly called it quits by the dawn of the ‘90s, but have existed in fits and starts since then. When original singer Ron Baird moved to Australia and was replaced by second generation Nardcore singer John Crerar (The Missing 23rd, Stop Breathing and a bunch more), the band really started to pick up steam again. With Baird’s blessing, Stalag 13 have continued to thrive and even did their first European and Japanese tours.
Fang is an American hardcore punk band from the early East Bay punk rock scene, established in Berkeley, California, in 1980.