Samstag April

TWR028 Release Party

Venster 99 Stadtbahnbögen 99, 1090 Wien
Einlass: 21:00 Uhr Beginn: 00:00 Uhr
Gratis Eintritt!
TWR028 Release Party am 23. April 2016 @ Venster 99.

/// A L B U M P R Ä S E N T A T I O N ///
CRYSTAL SODA CREAM »Work and Velocity« LP (TWR028)

Crystal Soda Cream
+ Good Cop

DJ Una Barnes + TWR DJs

++ Eintritt: freie Spende ++

‚Welcome welcome, take a dive.‘ On their by now 4th release CRYSTAL SODA CREAM yet again prove to know how to pull out all the stops: shimmering cold & toxic, passionate & sharp tongued, claustrophobic & elegantly wasted with usual aplomb. This time in addition: bilingual – english & german! By revealing ‚Work & Velocity‘ this Vienna threesome – Theresa Adamski (dr, keys, voc), Philipp Forthuber (voc, guit) and Sebastian Ploier (bass) – bears a distinct breed of post punk, that is not just a zealous reflection of the cold, old days in a cloudy mirror, much rather CSC manage to forge a bridge between a thoroughly thought through reminiscence of stylistic device and the framing of a paramountly contemporary statement. So why mention Rowland S. Howard, Geisterfahrer or Au Pairs?

There’s an intrinsic unity of raw power in the way CRYSTAL SODA CREAM write and perform their songs. Like a golden thread. Anger shoved impulsivity collides with musingly droopy frigidity in hover flight. Gritty-fierce velveteen, all coated in wafts of mist. ‚Work & Velocity“s harmony arises from nuanced frictions and directed disharmonies. The bombast lies in it’s skillful minimalism – emphasized well by Jasmin Maria Rilke (rec, mix) and Alexandr Vatagin (masters).

No smoke without fire. Entering the level of content, ‚Work & Velocity‘ can be read as a caustic postmodern commentary – on human shortcomings (‚Past Aggression‘), hierarchic dualisms (‚Command Control‘), practices of modern colonialism & scheming behind escape scenarios (‚Expedition Corps‘), lack of social conscience. However CRYSTAL SODA CREAM’s commentaries don’t confine themselves to vapid pillorying and reprimanding finger-wags. To a greater degree CSC project provoking images, reflect nexus and change their perspective (‚Saurer Hauch‘) to point out the crucial points. ‚Rationale Arbeitsschritte‘ – Stop making sense! Erode command and control!

Visually, CRYSTAL SODA CREAM close the brackets around ‚Work & Velocity‘ with a cover photo by Hicran Ergen, that perfectly sums up the album’s gloomy atmosphere, while in the same breath they conceivably open up a series in artwork aesthetics (cf. ‚Escape from Vienna‘) that might promise a sequel.