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Shelter Wallensteinplatz 8, 1200 Wien
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BOTTLECAP is a kicking and screaming, high energy and somewhat retro, rock trio from Gothenburg City
in Sweden. With a touch of ADHD mixed up in the sound their music gets hard to control, hyperactive and
really impulsive. Frankly, it’s sick and they don’t hide it. They might play hard and vicious but it’s always with
a mischievous look on their faces and with some strange crazy positive energy. These young men enjoy
chewing up stage floors for supper. Or breakfast, doesn’t matter, as long as they get the stage.
The members have just gotten into their twenties but formed the band already in 2008, some childhood
friends who decided to get into something. At the time music was just one of the choices, these kids could
have been lost in whatnot else. After picking up skills enough to write songs they decided to spend more
time on stage and less in the garage and luckily people hung on to see them learn and develop their talent
in the live situation. After three years of this type of touch and go, numerous live shows, some demo recordings, the release of an EP called Mind Box, the time was crisp to make an album.
With a backpack full of songs and ideas the band teamed up with Gothenburg-weirdo Dieter Schöön
at the Lablaza Studio. Their songwriting had developed and the stuff pulled up from the backpack really
delivered. Early October 2012 the album ’Bottlecap’ was out in the wild in front of a packed house in their
home town. Hopefully that show will be the start of a trip that will show people everywhere what ADHD looks
like when you put it on a stage and in the hands of these three youngsters.
Some say youth is wasted on the young and I think they are right. It just doesn’t apply to Bottlecap. They
live it like it should be lived and they play it like should be played. Kicking and screaming. Hyperactive and
impulsive. Sick.



Die Desertifikation schreitet schweren Schrittes voran. Wüstenbildung soweit das Auge reicht. Inmitten dieser süßlich verrauchten Atmosphäre entstanden im Sommer 2005 Sons of Giants. Mit schwer trockenen Riffs, psychedelischen Elementen, eingängigem Gesang und treibenden Rhythmen wird Stoner Rock dem Publikum dröhnend verabreicht !!!



instrumental stoner from austria

Geprägt vom psychedelischen Stoner Rock, genervt von der überschäumenden Welle der Elektronischen Musik-Bewegung, angetrieben von der Dynamik wuchtiger Riffs in Verbindung mit elementaren Schlagzeugrhythmen, bildete sich im Jahr 2010 eine Formation aus 3 Musikern. Besessen von ihren Ideen, Philosophien und Emotionen entstand ein lebendiges Ziel. Space Cell durchströmt das Bewußtsein, unaufhaltbar.

open your eyes, open your ears, open your mind