Freitag April

Tenta + Arionce

Mammut Bar Messeplatz 1, 9020 Klagenfurt
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
Tenta + Arionce am 12. April 2019 @ Mammut Bar.

Tenta live mit neuem Album W.E.I.R.D. Subtopia
Support: Aerolith and Gastophon

On 15th of March we will release our new Album W.E.I.R.D. Subtopia!



In 2016 the four musicians of TENTA released a very diverse album of modern rock music. The atypical setting of two bassist creates an intriguing sound spectrum, which is augmented by delicate drum grooves and a very unique and captivating voice. Even though most of their music is not particularly conventional, the musicians still manage to make it accessible for the usual listener. As a result the single “King of Norway” released in 2018 achieved a lot of attention and got awarded on 5 different international film festivals for its outstanding dystopian music video. But most of all TENTA is a very ambitious live band that leads it’s audience to a place of emotional extravaganza. On their latest concerts they also introduced two new songs “LOVE” and “Kallipolis”, which give a striking hint on how their new album “W.E.I.R.D. Subtopia” (released on the 15th of March in 2019) is going to sound like.

A view of the ocean, stormy, grey and cold. A world of sounds and feelings, the stories tell of loneliness and unattainability; of fears and breakouts; of doubts, setbacks and inner struggles.
Wide, atmospheric guitars, captivating riffs, dreamy danceable grooves and a unique voice – Arionce captures the view of the rough ocean musically. On their new EP „Deep Ocean Grey“ they remind us of Foals and Editors, Viola Beach and Palace and still create their very own Arionce sound.
A sound that sometimes accompanies you flowing, sometimes drifting to the roaring water, but always conveys a feeling of security. The three Berliners take the audience on a journey together, where everyone brings their own luggage, but everyone forgets the world around them and lets themselves fall while listening together.
Since the release of their debut EP „Sinking Down“ in April 2016, Arionce have been able to gain a steadily growing fan base throughout Germany through shows with Palace (UK), Ten Fé (UK) and Milburn (UK). Also as support for The Lemon Twigs, 1000 Gram, POOL or at the Breminale they captivated the audience with their alternative Indie Rock and convinced with an energetic live show.
With „Deep Ocean Grey“ Arionce present their second EP, which was created 2017 together with Tom Marsh (Those Goddamn Hippies) in Vienna.