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Jacuzzi Boys (cecille, level non zero / de)
Alecante (fmka)

When two good friends with a common passion have the opportunity to collaborate together to realise a dream, the results can only be promising. Out of their creativity and common activities, the Jacuzzi Boys came to be. The DJ team, which was founded in the beginning of 2007 by Marc Phil and Florian Settele, stands for minimal deep beats which always drives forward.
Both DJs were born in 1982 in Saarland and have been providing beats since 2007 for the local and superregional club scenes. A unique value that the DJ group provides in their music is their ability to make beats that go in contrast to the masses. Their contrasting music is created by their excellent performance and extraordinary mixing skills.
The DJs consistently make the clubs go off.
They are part of the music collective Primitive Visions. With their first vinyl release Ramba Zamba on Komplex Audio in januar 2009, the Jacuzzi Boys show us a small preview of their impressive musical talent.In februar 2009 the Remix for M.in & Basti Schuster of the burner “Satchmo” will follow on Off Records Digital, one another is planed soon on Cecille Records