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LIVE: Hillbilly Rawhide (BRA) + Wham Bam Bodyslam + The Burning Aces + Anal Destination

Hillbilly Rawhide (BRA)
The band Hillbilly Rawhide started in the end of 2002, and played their first ‘official’ show in February 2nd, 2003, with the proposal to play a style made by just a very few in Brazil, specially on that times, mixing Country-Hillbilly-Western-BoogieWoogie-HonkyTonk-Psychobilly-Bluegrass-Rock’n’Roll &Blues! Creating like that, their own kind of “hillbilly” sound, and also a good following crowd and bands from all over the country who started playing similar styles by the influence of their music. 

They were since the beginning very active playing in all kinds of places all over the country, from small Pubs, to big Rock’n’Roll Festivals, Rodeos, and of course, in their home town, Curitiba, in the Paraná state, where they usually play at least twice a week! 

The objective of the group is to make a revival of this style, not so known in Brazil, but of basic importance in the history of world-wide music. 

In the end of 2005, they made the independent MCD ‚High On The Road‘, and right after it their first official material, the 13 songs album called: “Ramblin‘, Primitive and Outlaw!”, that was released in 2006 by Crazy Love Records, from Germany, with world-wide distribution, and the name changed to ‚Ramblin‘, Primitive, Outlaws!”. In Brazil it was released at the Psycho Carnival, February 2007, by the Curitiba label Funeral Music. 

In 2008 they released the EP ‚F.N.M.‘, by Orleone Records, from Piracicaba, Brazil. With 3 original songs and 1 version, all already classics on their concerts: ‘FNM’, ‘Joe Lee’, ‘O Enxofre e a Cachaça’ and ‘Drunk and Crazy’!

The third official material only came out in 2011, the EP “Lost and Found”, recorded live at the Audio Ataque Studio, Curitiba, with 2 versions and 5 new songs.

By the end of that year, they made the big and historical “Lost and Found Brasil Tour 2011”. That crossed almost every state of the brazilian land in one month of a lot of road, and sure a lot of fun! 

Back in April 2011, on the release concert of the EP, they played at the traditional Teatro Paiol in Curitiba, and also recorded the show and released as their fourth album, later at the Psycho Carnival 2012, with the name: “Ao Vivo no Teatro Paiol” (Live at the Paiol Theater). 

During the 2012 year, the band recorded their 5th album called “Ten Years on the Road”. Produced in the Audio Stamp Studio, Curitiba, with 13 tracks, and released by the band’s own label. The album is about to be released in their first European Tour, in March 2013, celebrating the 10th year of the band! But on this tour, the band will be playing in a 4 piece, instead of the usual 6 one, doing it unfortunately without the piano and harmonica player. 


MUTANT COX – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
MARK CLEVERSON – fiddle and backing vocals 
OSMAR CAVERA – upright bass 
JOE FERRIDAY – piano and vocals 
JULIANO COCKTAIL – drums and cajon 
MARCOS TRAAD – harmonica

The Burning Aces
Finest Rockabilly mixed up with some Psychobilly influences.

Wham Bam Bodyslam


It’s minimalistic, energetic folk-music with a special twist. Hints of Viennese waltz and old style Austrian folk clearly let their ancestry shine through the classic country and American folk influences. The singer’s rough voice brings out the punk roots of the band. The lyrics tell stories of social differences, fear, joy, travelling and drinking.