Freitag Juni

Strim ab Werks

Das Werk Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Wien
Beginn: 23:00 Uhr
  • Presale 10.00
  • Abendkassa 15.00
Strim ab Werks am 21. June 2024 @ Das Werk.
It’s that time again. Ready to rumble in the third round of the Lichtbogenspiele at „das WERK“. The Lichtbogen Crew (LBMSK) is known for 2 basic things at a party: A broad spectrum of pounding techno sounds and visuals that accompany and expand the sound with a trance-like symbiosis. Once again, we will let the factory shine in all its industrial splendor and shake the concrete to its foundations. In short, you can look forward to a complete all-round package from a crew that not only loves this scene, but has also accompanied and lived it for several decades.

LASTERFLOOR (hard industrial Techno)
Lineup tba

LUSTERFLOOR (happy trancy forward Techno)
Lineup tba

Graphics by altberg_ (Instagram)

BOX OFFICE ► € 15,-
ADRESSE ► Spittelauer LändLAU“e 12, 1090 Vienna

NO PLACE for Homophobia | Sexism | Racism | Hate

Clubs in general and „das WERK“ particularly, are a space for all of us – a place of development…a place of freedom. We are equal, we move to the same beat. Please note that ONLY the in-house and specially trained photographer of “Das Werk” may take pictures of the guests – but always in consultation and only after a dedicated clearance. No exception! We have absolutely ZERO tolerance for any kind of discrimination!

SAFE-SPACE? There is no SAFE-SPACE, that’s why…
the WERK team strives to ensure a safe location at all times and has therefore been offering an awareness team – in addition to its security team – since October 2022.

 DAS WERK is a danube canal cultural initiative!
 We offer 600m2
 1 (of 2) club awareness teams in austria
 2 dance floors
 2 top soundsystems (by properformance)
 2 smoking areas
 SURROUNDED ► https://properformance.at/

ADRESSE ► Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Vienna