Samstag März

Stadtpark Musik pres. Laps

MUMOKKA (MQ) Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien
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Line Up:
Laps/Digitaline (Smallville & Eklo, Lausanne)
Markus Lindner & Jokl (Stadtpark Musik)
Florian Scheibein (Stadtpark Musik)

Laurent Bovey a.k.a. Laps was born in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. He bought his first drum kit at the age of 15 and soon put it into fairly decent use as drummer in a Punk band. Intrigued especially by Metal, Hip Hop and 70’s tunes, Laurent spent his youth surrounded by music. Eventually, his interest shifted more towards electronically generated sound. In 2003, he and his friend Gregory Poncet (a.k.a. Gregorythme) started producing together. Many jam sessions later, their live project Digitaline was formed, taking them directly into the clubs. After having played live sets on such notorious nights as “Live Sessions” at Zurich’s Dachkantine as well as on the Zurich Street Parade, they handed some of their tracks to Cadenza’s Luciano. Shortly after, they released their first EP “Rubicule” (Cadenza, 2005). An album (“Anticlockwise”) and another EP (“Honolulu”) followed suit, and the duo started playing at several bigger clubs, including Panorama Bar, Fabric, Cocoon, Space and DC10. They completed various remixes for Sushitek and Mo’s Ferry, amongst others for Michael Stravostrand and Dapayk & Padberg. Touring Europe, the US and Canada, they played at such prestigious festivals as Mutek and Movement (DEMF). Under the moniker Laps, Laurent started producing his own music in 2005, his first release being the ‘Jolie EP’ on Smallville Records (2007), followed by the “Horko EP’ on Eklo (2008). Taking his influences from pretty much all of his acoustic surroundings, Laps favours a dark, organic Techhouse sound that includes psychedelic elements. His music can be described as atmospheric club music that tends to evolve around miniscule details and deep grooves.