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Simm City Simmeringer Hauptstraße 96A, 1110 Wien
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Einlass: 20:00 Uhr
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Teilnahmeschluss: 07. Dezember 2019

Skindred am 13. February 2019 @ Simm City.


Blood Command

Aufgrund der freudigen Nachricht, dass SKINDRED als Support von DISTURBED am 24.4.2019 in der Wiener Stadthalle bestätigt wurden, verschiebt sich dieser Konzerttermin auf Ende des Jahres.
Das neue Datum geben wir sobald als möglich bekannt.
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Hardcore, Reggae und Funk sind die Wurzeln von Skindred , hervorgegangen aus den grenzgenialen Dub War. Und nein, die Typen stammen nichts aus Jamaica sondern aus Newport/Wales. Auf Tour mit Korn , Him, Sevendust und Papa Roach zu sein, ist ja auch nicht gerade die schlechteste Referenz. Skindred sind aber auch und nicht nur gerade deswegen eine der spannendsten Live Bands, die heutzutage noch die Bühne entert.

Schön zu sehen, dass die Jungs auch wiede in Wien zu Gast sind.


Blood Command

In 2017 Blood Command make their return with Cult Drugs – an album packed with cheeky and grandiose hits.
After two albums, numerous EPs and four radio hits, Blood Command are more hungry for success than ever. The sound still has the distinct fingerprint of producer and songwriter Yngve Andersen: Sharp and challenging, but still so universal and seductive that you will throw your hands in the air and run into the crowd before the first chorus ends. Since the last album, Andersen has received wide recognition in Norway as a successful producer and is responsible for several local hits. But Blood Command remains his favourite pet and Cult Drugs might be the point where all of his talents finally hit senit.
The band’s previous album, Funeral Beach (2012) recieved a 5/5 in Kerrang (which also placed them at no. 8 in their year end list), 9/10 in Rock Sound, 5/6 in most big norwegian papers. Metal Hammer UK awarded the album a 9/10, saying that Blood Command is one of the best they have heard in recent years. In 2010, Blood Command was nominated for a norwegian Grammy for their debut album Ghostclocks.
Blood Command’s reappearance shows a band that has never sounded as good as now. Singer Karina Ljone is bringing a new edge to the vocals, the ninja-riffing is smoother and drummer Sigurd Haakaas sets new standards in action-drumming.
Musically, the band points out Refused and Boney M as the main inspiration, alongside acts like The Clash,  “We’re making a sonic revolution you can dance to!” boasts Andersen. So put on your dancing shoes and join the cult!
Andersen elaborates:?The title Cult Drugs comes from the realization that we’re all in some ways part of a cult that informs our way of being and our ways of thinking. We’re programmed to perceive ourselves as the good guys, no matter what side we’re on. Most people live with a self-manipulation so extensive that it can compare to drug addiction. It is easy to put a stigma on religious outcasts, but it’s time to admit that every human, to some extent, live in denial.
So, the difference between “cult people” and “normal people” could be smaller than you think. Particularly when you’re exposed to the seducing power of music. What could appear as a perfectly ordinary rock album, might prove to be a gateway to powers beyond your control.??“It’s that combination of blind rage, catchy-as-hell songwriting and the Norwegian’s ability to balance the sweet and acidic while pulling massive, unpredictable choruses from seemingly nowhere that makes them such a gripping proposition. As a result, Cult Drugs is a fractious beast that refuses to be tamed, and probably the most fun album you’ll hear all year.” – METAL HAMMER