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  • Six Feet Under

Die Death Metal Walze SIX FEET UNDER (US) um Kultfrontmann Chris Barnes planen wieder alles in Schutt und Asche zu legen auf Ihrer legendären XMASS IN HELL – Tour 2019. Zusätzlich werden wieder 4 außergewöhnliche Supportbands die Tour begleiten.

Six Feet Under (US)
Six Feet Under has released a new album of previously unreleased material, entitled Unburied, via Metal Blade Records. Produced by Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes and mixed/mastered by Chaz Najjar at Badlands Recording (Denver, CO), the collection features 9 tracks from the Undead (2012), Unborn (2013) and Torment (2017) sessions; Unburied is only available digitally now. Front-man Chris Barnes comments: I feel Unburied is something special and interesting to release, that is different, being that this is our first digital-only release and the songs are all in their rawest and earliest form. It was also a shame for the songs to just sit there and go to waste – I knew the fans would dig them, and also everyone involved worked so hard writing and putting them together. I always felt like the tracks were excellent Six Feet Under material, and wanted to finish and release them at the time of each release – but there was just so much material that was put together for the Undead and Unborn sessions, that eight songs were basically left over in the demo stages. Also one song from the Torment session that Jeff Hughell wrote – As the Dying Scream – was left over in its demo stage as well. Hopefully you enjoy these tracks and it holds you over til the next full-length album!

MagnaCult (NL)
MagnaCult is back – angrier than ever, and ready to crush you with their third album, INFINITUM. With their signature mix of groove and death metal, MagnaCult turns up the volume. Get ready to bleed: MagnaCult’s killing season is open. With their third album, INFINITUM, MagnaCult – Seb (vocals), Stan (bass and backing vocals), Tomas (guitar, acoustic), David (guitar, acoustic), and Bionic (drums) take their sound to the next level. INFINITUM is faster and more powerful, packed with massive guitar solos and full of groove.

Mecaclimb (NOR)
Mecalimb is a metal band from Norway with roots in thrash, death, groove and heavy metal. The band has existed since December 2005, but the lineup has changed a lot over the years (each cd release until now has been with a new vocalist and lead guitarist). As of 2016, the only original member of the band is the guitarist Ole Olsen, who also has been the main songwriter through the band’s existence. The other members are: Robert Arntsen (vocals, 2015-), Marius Pettersen (drums, 2007-), Tom Angel (guitar 2013-) and Dag Kopperud (bass and backup vocals, 2006-). The band has released two albums, the first one, Mechanical Recipe was released in 2009, under Helping Hand Records.

The second studio album was released in 2011, Bound To Fall. This was released under Rising Records (London). In August 2014 we released the Chaos EP, and the following year we started recording our third full-length album, XIII, which came out December 2015, at our 10th year anniversary. These releases are also available on Spotify, iTunes and numerous online stores. Mecalimb got playtime on norwegian radio during P3s program Pyro, where Asbjorn Slettemark, a well-known music critic in Norway, described Mecalimb as one of the best up-and-coming metal bands of it’s time (this was in 2009). The band has played a lot of concerts during the years, biggest venues being John Dee, Oslo (3. place at the Emerganza tournament) Glassheim, Jevnaker, and Oak Metal Fest, and have been supporting bands like Tankard, Enslaved, Entrails, Susperia, Witchhammer and Circus Maximus. We have also played in Spain (HardnHeavy Festival) in 2011.

Psykotribe (US)
Psykotribe is based out of Tampa Bay FL the Metal Capital of the world. We are the apocalyptic family not only by blood, but by brethren. Our soul purpose is to expand our ever growing dysfunctional family across the universe and to spread the message that through confusion you can find order and through the darkness you can find the light….whatever the fuck that means…..