Donnerstag Dezember

Silent Planet, Acres, Comrades

p.m.k. Viaduktbögen 19-20, 6020 INNSBRUCK
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Einlass: 20:30 Uhr
  • Stehplatz 16.67
Silent Planet, Acres, Comrades am 6. December 2018 @ p.m.k..

Silent Planet is an American metalcore band from Azusa, California. The band is currently signed to Solid State Records. To date they have recorded two EPs and two full-length albums. Their name is derived from the C.S. Lewis science fiction novel Out of the Silent Planet. The band has played with other associated acts such as Norma Jean, Beartooth, Texas in July, For Today, Phinehas, Gideon, Enter Shikari, and Fit for a King.