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Silent Dating for people in their 20s and 30s

ImHinterhaus Schottenfeldgasse 12/6 , 1070 Wien
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr Beginn: 19:30 Uhr
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Teilnahmeschluss: 04. September 2018

Silent Dating for people in their 20s and 30s am 12. September 2018 @ ImHinterhaus.

Tickets: hhttps://www.eventbrite.at/e/silent-dating-for-people-in-their-20s-and-30s-tickets-48648592249

More information: http://slowdatingvienna.at/silent-dating.html

Forget sleazy tinder hook-ups – we offer an event with “real life” spontaneous interaction!

Silent Dating is a back to the basics approach for a dating scenario. Whereas speaking is not important in such events, non-verbal communication is stimulated by a moderator. Participants get the chance to meet each other in a playfull and non-usual way. The techniques are very dynamic (don’t expect to just sit for the whole program starring at each other silently) and they basically work as icebreakers. Come and enjoy with us the 5th edition of Silent Dating in Vienna!

No need for pick up lines as a start but a lot to talk about at the end

For sure the unusual setting can propose a step out of your comfort zone, which may sound something challenging to do on a Wednesday night. But being guided through the path of non-verbal communication can be surprisingly rewarding! Expect to have some laughs with a person who just caught your eye across the room without the need of any predictable conversation. And once the program is over, there´s pleny to talk about!

Are you outgoing or shy?

It doesn’t matter. With our carefully crafted techniques customized to your comfort level, you’re guaranteed to have your heart racing by the end of the night. In our curated program, we strive to have a 50/50 gender split – so previous registration is always mandatory! You can expect to have some laughs with a person who just caught your eye across the room without the need of any predictable conversation. We’re putting a modern twist to traditional dating by providing singles with stimulating themed events that not only seek to connect singles together, but also provides unique experiences to enliven personal self-awareness and socializing. Kronenzeitung, 1000 things to do in Vienna, Dot Magazine and other means of communication have already talked about our events. Now it is your time! Moderators and Program The night will be moderated by the founders of Slow Dating Events Vienna, Helena Spindler (Austria) and Karen Schons (Brazil). 19:00 – Registration 19:30 – Silent Dating techniques, including a 20 min break 21:30 – Program ends


If it´s an event for singles, does it necessarily mean that it will be akward?

Singles tend to have a different lifestyle and Slow Dating Vienna is all about creating opportunities for people with common interests to meet. We offer unique events for singles in Vienna and we are specialists in making our guests feeling welcomed in a great energy environment. We make all the efforts to make it much easier for everyone to feel comfortable and have a good time while meeting new people.

Who is it for?

It’s for people in their 20s and 30s, who want to meet other like-minded humans in person. You don’t need to be a particular sort of person. The program is though more suitable for those who are eager and open to experience something new. Therefore, we are used to host interesting people with a good energy.

Is this a speed dating?

Slow Dating Vienna works always with a very dynamic structure. There are different themed events that lead us far away from a speed dating frame.

How does it work?

We conduct exercises that lead you to interact with one or more persons per time. Techniques aim relaxation, enjoyment and connection between the participants. Eye-gazing, mindfulness activities and many different games are applied. The rules are explained before any activity. Two moderators deliver assistance during the whole program. While the games are easy-going and fun, you’re always encouraged to take part on it as you feel comfortable. We also offer a „matching sheet” as an option. Through it, when there´s a mutual interested, both guests are informed in a post event e-mail. Many matches are possible in one event.

What if I don´t want to take part in an activity?

While the evening is structured, your decision on how you want to participate will always be respected. We are very careful to create a comfortable and respectful enviroment where everybody can feel safe and enjoy a great evening. Although we were always pleased to receive people that acted in accordance to our principals, we shall mention that any inappropriate behavior would never be tolerated.

Is it true there is no talking?

Yes there are parts of the night where you are invited to leave words behind though there are other times where you are welcome to talk. And at the end there’s always plenty to talk about!

What is included in the ticket?

Your ticket includes the entertainment program, access to a blocked venue and the matching sheets process. You will also receive a welcoming prosseco and a voucher for another drink.

What is the language of this event?

Hosts will moderate the event in easy-going English. Our assistants are also bilingual (Eng-Ger).

Is the number between men and women balanced?

We´ve always had a nearly-perfect 50/50 gender split in our previous events due to our strict supervision on the tickets sale. Slight differences that do not compromise the program are a possibility due to eventualities with the participants (for example, sickness).

With how many people from the opposite sex I have the chance to meet?

So far, we have always achieved the desired number of people necessary for the good development of the program. The minimum amount of people from the opposite sex that will attend to this event is ten (20 participants in total) and the maximum is 25 (50 participants in total).

Can you guarantee that I will find love in this event?

We are confident that most of our guests consider our events as a positive personal experience. And this is our goal. We create programs so that guests can enjoy a great evening, laugh, learn something new and expand their social network. Sometimes all of this makes a great opportunity for a loose setting to begin great connections.

What do I need to wear?

You can come as you are. We usually see a bit of everything in the same night: skirt, jeans, high hills, tennis shoes, suit, t-shirt, shorts, dress. So what we can recommend is: wear watherver you like and feel comfortable.

When there will be an LGBT version of this program?

We thank heartfully to all of those who incentivate us to proceed with new versions of the current program. We kindly ask for a bit more patience. We will get there! Meanwhile, for any news you can stay tuned in our newsletter and social media channels.

The tickets are sold out. What can I do?

Very often this problem happens. You can send us an e-mail to .. and we keep you update. Or, you can check in again in a few hours/day. New openings may rely of the possibility to mantain an equal gender balance.

Can I buy a ticket at the door?

Due to our efforts to keep a 50/50 gender balance and other preparation we need to know who is going to participate in our events in advance. That is the reason why only online ticket selling is possible.

This is not my style of event. Are there other type of events?

We work with different themed events for singles. If Silent Dating is not your thing, you can stay tuned for our next events that might suit you better. Find more information on our website: http://www.slowdatingvienna.at/

Do I need my ID?

Yes, please bring your ID. Be aware to buy a ticket that suits your age group.

How can I contact you when I have questions?

Drop us a message: dating@slowdatingevents.at http://slowdatingevents.at/contact.html