Dienstag Mai

Shining - Support: SRD

Viper Room Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 38, 1030 Wien
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Beginn: 19:30 Uhr
  • Stehplatz 28.40
  • The Shining

SHINING are finally heading out for their first European tour in 3 years, and first one in honour of their 10th album „Varg Utan Flock“, which upon its release again proved the band to be the undisputed kings of pitchblack, antihumanitarian art.

Because of the bands long history of never adjusting to the norm, SHINING have decided to refuse having any local support acts on any of the dates, and instead of having some semi-interesting pay-to-play band opening, bringing along Slovenian Black Metal band SRD who are newly signed to Kvarforth’s own label THE SINISTER INITIATIVE.

To make things even more intruiging, the band are preparing a longer set than usual and promise an event full of uncompromising darkness and perversion.