Samstag September

Ruhmer - Cherryland Albumrelease Show

B72 Hernalser Gürtel 72-73, 1080 Wien
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
Ruhmer - Cherryland am 23. September 2023 @ B72.

Reality never satisfies your expectations?

Stop – Cause you found what you were looking for.

Welcome to Cherryland – Where life is better than real!

Come in and relax. Join us in one of our many bars and lounges – like B72 or STWST – and listen to fine music performed by an amazing live band that even includes a brass section! If you feel like it, shake your hips – after all you are on vacation!

So why wait? Book your musical therapy session now and come to Cherryland. Ask your travel agent and for only 19,99€* you can get a whole evening of joy and bliss. Simply – A trip you’ll never forget.

* (Drinks not included)