Freitag November

Road to Powder & Bass w// Hybrid Minds

Club Spielplatz Hauptstraße 4, 4040 LINZ-URFAHR
Einlass: 22:00 Uhr Beginn: 22:00 Uhr

Gewinne 2 x 2 Karten

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Teilnahmeschluss: 20. November 2018

Road to Powder & Bass w// Hybrid Minds am 23. November 2018 @ Club Spielplatz.

HYBRID MINDS (Hybrid Music – UK)
DISASZT (Mainframe Rec.)

THUMBS UP (Vor.laut)
VOGE & DEKAY (Vor.laut)
MC Defaz (Abstract Sounds)

Der nächste Stop der Road to Powder & Bass Festival führt am 23. November in den Club Spielplatz in Linz.

HYBRID MINDS (Hybrid Music – UK) und Mainframe Mastermind DISASZT bereiten die Linzer Crowd auf das anstehende Spektakel in Mayrhofen vor!

Local Support kommt von THUMBS UP, KONGFUSION, VOGE & DEKAY und MC Defaz.

More Infos:

HYBRID MINDS (Hybrid Music – UK)

Hybrid Minds are an English, Electronic DJ and production duo consisting of Josh White and Matthew Lowe. The pair came together through a shared passion for music. With a focus on melody, rhythm and energy, Hybrid Minds are taking liquid Drum and Bass in a brand new direction.

DISASZT (Mainframe Rec.)

Drum & Bass has come a long, long way since its 1990s roots as a UK-born (and dominated) form of dance music. In 2017, D’n’B can truly be called a global movement, and it’s in Austria, where one of the most vibrant and self-sufficient drum & bass scenes can be found right now (alongside Brazil and New Zealand, of course). Much of this is down to one man – Daniel Fuerst-Zoffel, better known as DisasZt, undisputed key-player in Austria’s Drum & Bass scene, thanks to over 15 years involvement in almost every aspect of the culture.

Kein Einlass unter 18 – Ausweiskontrolle!