Montag Februar

Rebecca_1147 (A)

B72 Hernalser Gürtel 72-73, 1080 Wien
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The album Growing Pains convinces with a sound unapologetically honest and does so for a reason. For Rebecca_1147, there is no Plan B.
Sightly led astray at first, the 26-year old from Vienna ultimately found her musically kindred in Ludwig Coss and Martin Böhm of MG-Sound / HitSquad Records. The new album is a product of their congenial work together, disregarding potential marketing strategies and focusing on the music itself plenarily.

The result are 11 powerful songs – two of which were composed and written by Rebecca herself – arranged into a profound soundtrack of harmonic desire and wishfulness, which leaves plenty of room for imagination.
Rebecca – bringing with her ten years of violin training – embarks on a musical road trip to both poetic and melancholic vastnesses, while never loosing herself in destructive realms.

This musical style is independent, different and accordingly hard to categorise:
A mix of Indie Pop / Pop / Singer Songwriter is the result. At the same time, some passages resemble the signature sound of Quentin-Tarantino’s cinema, while the self-composed song “Drag Me Down” unmistakably finds its roots in more traditional country sounds…

The five-minute title track “Growing Pains” by Ludwig Coss, on the other hand, could most fittingly be described as opera-esque. Rebecca’s motivation is to make, write and sing music; her message to the world both strong and fragile; her aim to be heard.
Rebecca 1147 – A tender creature with an iron will and a big voice