Freitag September

PUSH // the last one

Das Werk Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Wien
Beginn: 23:00 Uhr
  • Bis 00:00 Uhr 10.00
  • Abendkassa 15.00
PUSH am 1. September 2023 @ Das Werk.

push – The last one at das Werk

We rush straight into the preparations for our next edition, but please note: This one will be the last one!
And here is why: After a year of showcasing in #Vienna’s Das Werk, we’ve decided to cut back a bit and put to rest our residential hostings for now. Push is run by a small team, and the workload for us has been heavy lately, especially since we all have full-time jobs. What is more, two of us are young mothers. Our co-founder @mischabeton, for example, will have her second push baby in November and will be on maternity leave for a few months.
Many thanks to Das Werk for hosting us, giving us space to unfold and obligingly cooperating with our vision.
For the September edition, all four @push_network core team members will join forces to celebrate together at @daswerk_wien one last time.

Come early, stay late and be safe. See you all on the dancefloor!

▸ Mischa Beton
▸ Adrialin
▸ Caniche
▸ BC-A
▸ best bar team in town

10€ < 00:00 > 15€

We will have an awareness team in place for the safety of all our guests. You can recognize our awareness staff by their chain of lights they are carrying with them. Do not hesitate to contact them at any time if you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or witness a situation where someone needs help or you are just not sure about what is going on.
Please respect the no photo policy of the venue.
A huge thank you to Rick Lewik for the amazing artwork!
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