Mittwoch August

Punk's not Dead Vol. 17 w/ LIVE: DIESEL BOY (US) + VERSUS THE WORLD (US)

Rhiz U-Bahnbogen 37-38 / Lerchenfeldergürtel, 1080 Wien
Einlass: 19:30 Uhr
Punk's not Dead Vol. 17 am 9. August 2023 @ Rhiz.

Diesel Boy

Diesel Boy is a pop-punk rock band from Santa Rosa, California. They were formed in 1993, were active until 2002, and became active again in 2011. They have a 7′ on Fat Wreck Chords, 4 full-length albums released on Honest Don’s Records and a split EP with the band Divit that was released on Coldfront Records.
Versus the World
Versus the World is a post-hardcore/pop punk supergroup from Santa Barbara, California. The lineup currently consists of Donald Spence (guitar), Mike Davenport (bass, formerly of The Ataris), Tony Caraffa (guitar), Chris Flippin (guitar, formerly of Lagwagon), and Bryan Charlson (drums, formerly of Crooks and Liars).