Samstag Mai

Praterei#36 ft. Ethyl & Flori

Pratersauna Waldsteingartenstraße 135, 1020 Wien
Einlass: 23:00 Uhr Beginn: 00:00 Uhr
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  • ETHYL (secretsundaze / Tsuba / ManMakeMusic / UK)
  • FLORI (Aim / secretsundaze / UK)
  • willFling (Praterei, 313)
  • 7 Citizens (Praterei, MCDE)
  • Kido Soon (Praterei, 313)

PRATEREI #36 – *educated underground dance music*

„In a world where all you have to do is extend an arm, and you’re guaranteed to touch a DJ, it’s difficult to be different and even harder to get noticed. To be able to do both takes single-mindedness, passion, enthusiasm and authenticity – all things that Ethyl has without even trying.
Ethyl, otherwise known as Hertfordshire DJ and producer Tim Hopgood. has been playing and making music much longer than you’d expect for a 26-year-old. Originally a teenage garage fan, then a sound-engineering graduate, over the years Ethyl’s tastes and productions have matured and diversified. First came his early tech house releases with old school pal Huxley on the then revered Cécille imprint; now his current productions and DJ sets weave effortlessly between deep house and techno, and sit comfortably somewhere between the two.
Productionwise his most recent releases have included a track on the latest Praterei EP, as well as a double A-side with sometime studio and DJ partner Flori, plus well-received remixes for The Rhythm Odyssey, Leif and Fold on ManMakeMusic.
Can Ethyl sum up his own sound? ‚I can go hard, or deep, but I always try to be a bit hypnotic and groovy,‘ he says. ‚But i usually get bored and start mucking around.‘ Something, in Ethyl’s case, that’s to be thoroughly encouraged.“ https://soundcloud.com/ethylmusic

„It’s difficult to sum up in short Flori’s sound but the fact that he enjoys Bluey’s horn arrangements, Kerri’s basslines, Agnes’s beats, the way Kenny uses samples and when Cole’s tracks switch from 2-step to 4/4, should give you a rough idea. In other terms, Flori strives to unfurl a highly organic dance floor experience that can change in the blink of an eye yet retain a cohesiveness that belies his 24 years. With such a vast selection of music at his disposal, Flori is able to juxtapose four to the floor beats both old and new to put his own unique stamp on the genre.
Jamie Taylor (this was before the transition) has been a resident at and co-promoter of one of the UK’s most successful modern soul nights entitled Soul Underground for 8 years. It’s a family run night that has provided Jamie with the chance to cut his teeth as a DJ and explore many different musical avenues. With an audience as comfortable on the floor with down-tempo soul and gospel as they are with nu-jazz and house music, Jamie gained a deep understanding of how to move a floor. The success of the party led to a string of bookings and his own internet radio show, The Underground House Sessions which ran live every week for over two years.“ https://soundcloud.com/flori