Freitag März

Pete Lynch

Cabaret Fledermaus Spiegelgasse 2, 1010 WIEN
Einlass: 23:00 Uhr Beginn: 23:00 Uhr
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Teilnahmeschluss: 27. März 2012

VOLUME verlost 3×2 Freikarten & 3 ‚Face Me!‘ CDs!


PETE LYNCH (born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA) is a solo artist, singer and song writer, but his debut album ‚Face me!‘ (all vocals, guitars and bass guitars are performed by PETE LYNCH) has the sound, attitude and feel of a hungry, young band. ‚Face me!‘ is a true ‚all killer no filler‘ that will take you from the highest high to the deepest depths of your soul and leave you craving for more. Fast, high-energy songs like the album’s opener ‚Hate me like I hate myself‘ are followed by songs such as the brutally honest ‚I’m mad at you‘ or the very personal, up close and vulnerable ballad ‚Swim,‘ which features LIANE de LOTBINIÈRE, one of Canada’s hottest singers.


All of LYNCH’s songs give you an intense look into his schizophrenic
inner space. His lyrics are dazzlingly truthful portraits of who he is when the masks are down and what he’s been through in his young life.
’Face me!‘ is a soundtrack of experiences many listeners will identify with. The album was produced by Conny Dix, who recorded Lenny Kravitz on his 2008 election song for US President Barack Obama.
’Face me!‘ introduces 12 original LYNCH songs that are spirited, passionate and deep. LYNCH’s powerful and distinctive voice combined with his unique blend of musical influences may remind you of
Peter Gabriel at his best, flying high with the Killers as his band.


For the 2011’Face Me!‘ Tour PETE LYNCH teamed up with three incredibly talented, experienced and like-minded musicians, drummer Sascha Bem, guitarist Mike Seidl, and bassist Joe Gridl. Their fine musicianship and love for performing on stage soon earned them
a reputation for being an awesome, hard-working live act! PETE LYNCH shows are outstanding, energetic, extravagant performances that force you to confront PETE LYNCH’s sharp lyrics and haunting music.