Donnerstag Juli

Orchestra of Spheres

Flucc Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien
Einlass: 00:00 Uhr Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
Gratis Eintritt!

Orchestra of Spheres (NZL)

und DJ Mushroom (Deep Techno)

Orchestra of Spheres – Channeling ancient future funk from the IS! Warping spatioelastoplasticity with sound!

Born out of Wellington’s Frederick Street Sound and Light Exploration Society in 2009, the Spheres have developed a cult-like following in New Zealand. Playing house parties, dance parties, DIY shows and opera houses, the Spheres have built a reputation for musically and visually ecstatic live shows.

Like celestial sponges the Spheres’ clonga sound draws on influences far and wide:
kuduro, psychedelic primary school disco, fire music, kwaito, free improv, south pacific demolition, shangaan electro, zeuhl, mbalax, kosmische quiche, tarraxo, witch doctor haus, orgasmo brain rave, juke/footwork, polynesian no wave prog, quarr, costume rock, inner brain clap, funk puppetré…
The Spheres use homemade instruments like the biscuit tin guitar, electric bass carillon and sexomouse marimba to create their cosmic dancing sound.
Orchestra of Spheres are:

Baba Rossa – biscuit tin guitar, sexomouse marimba
E=M303 – electric carillon
Jemi Hemi Mandala – drumkit
Mos Iocos – keyboard, gamelan

Orchestra Of Spheres will be playing ATP curated by Caribou in December and are piecing together a tour. When recently asked what they had planned by Under the radar this is what was said, “As well as ATP, we’re playing at Les Transmusicales festival in France, a festival in Utrecht, and other gigs in England, Germany, Czech Republic and elsewhere. European dreams: Hoping to check out lots of cool music. E=MC303 will be eating lots of cheese. Jemi Hemi wants to party and try heaps of new European fizzy drinks. Mos Iocos aims to twiddle the moustaches of 100 frenchmen. Baba Rossa would like to drive really fast on the Autobahn.”
’Nonagonic Now’ is available on CD / LP and Digital Downloadon Fire Recordings
Freiwillige Spende!