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MOSES (NZ) + ISOULATE (A)MOSES (NZ) + ISOULATE (A)MOSES are signed to Australian label Half A Cow Records and have released two internationally acclaimed EPs and now two albums, featuring on Hype Machine and a number of music blogs from England, Germany, Japan, Australia, USA and New Zealand. 

MOSES‘ sound is very emotionally immersive, and reminiscent of 90s shoegaze bands such as Slowdive and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, also with a huge 60s influence from groups such as Crosby, Stills and Nash and The Band. 

Their album release tour begins in New Zealand, ends in Germany and takes in Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, UK and a large chunk of Europe in the middle.



‚Moses are one more to add to our list of high pedigree Kiwi bands blending incredible guitar textures with droning sax, sunny melodies and laid back rhythms.‘
– Nick Stillman, Happy 

About the song Opium: ‚Moses, who are a six-piece, have a musical freshness that’s hypnotic. Comprised of a variety of skilled musicians, the track highlights the dynamic the band have created; merging their distinct talents into a layered, chemistry filled collective.‘ 
– Elizabeth Beattie, The Wireless

‚MOSES go there with absolute relaxation. They have produced something that is for us, quite a new sound.‘
– Niklas Kolell, Sound Kartell