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Arena Wien Baumgasse 80, 1030 Wien

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Beginn: 19:00 Uhr
  • Stehplatz 18.08
Morne am 6. October 2019 @ Arena Wien.

To the Night Unknown
Armageddon Label
Release Date: Friday, September 7, 2018
Catalog Number: Armageddon 020
Available formats: Gatefold Double Vinyl LP w/ download, Digipak CD, Digital

Five years since their last release, Morne is proud to announce their fourth studio album entitled, “To the Night Unknown,” which was released by the Armageddon Label and the bands’ own label Morne Records, in September 2018. The album was recorded at New Alliance Audio Productions by Jon Taft and mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright and features the photography and design of Hillarie Jason.

Morne, formed in 2005, is a heavy, atmospheric band based in Boston, Massachusetts. Their style blends doom metal and classic British crust but stretches beyond those boundaries, combining a bleak lyrical style with driving riffs. The band has toured the US, Canada and Europe, where they have been part of large festivals such as Roadburn,Hellfest and Psycho Las Vegas.

1. To the Night Unknown
2. Not Our Flame
3. The Blood is Our Own
4. Scorn
5. Show Your Wounds
6. Night Awaits the Dawn
7. Shadowed Road
8. Surrendering Fear
Morne is:
Milosz Gassan – Vocals, Guitar
Paul Rajpal – Guitar
Morgan Coe – Bass
Billy Knockenhauer – Drums

Morne – Demo Limited LP/CD – Self Released / No Options Records, 2008
Morne / Warprayer – Split 12” LP/CD – Self Released / Alerta Antifascista / No Options Records, 2009
Morne – Untold Wait – LP/CD – Feral Ward Records, 2009
Morne – Twilight Burns/Seams EP – Feral Ward, 2009
Morne – Asylum 2LP/CD — Profound Lore Records / Armageddon Label / Alerta Antifascista, 2011
Morne – Shadows – LP/CD – Profound Lore / armageddon Label / Morne Records, 2013
Morne – The Coming of Winter – Official Bootleg Cassette/Digital – Morne Records, 2015
Morne – To the Night Unknown – 2LP/CD – Armageddon Label / Morne Records, coming 2018