Donnerstag Oktober


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Einlass: 21:00 Uhr
  • Stehplatz 13.80
Moonbootica am 10. October 2019 @ .
  • Moonbootica

MOONBOOTICA saves lives. MOONBOOTICA guarantees the fun of excess. A great gift to mankind. Without fun, this world would recede into clouds of grey. And who wants that? With MOONBOOTICA, everybody has the freedom to say no to grey. On one condition: fun has to be discovered and used to full effect, with every sinew stretched. Once you’ve got that far, things begin to relativize, delusions of grandeur seem as easy as ABC, thanks to MOONBOOTICA.

Creating infinite journeys from deep house to dark techno and pushing the concept of DJing to the limit: Defex has made it from Lower Bavarian cartways onto the international music Autobahn. Driven by pure passion, he is now an integral musical force in Ibiza. He is a proud member of the infamous Zoo Family (those responsible for the legendary The Zoo Project, Ibiza) since its creation. Other long-term home-bases have included Flex Vienna, Palais Munich and Privilege Ibiza.

Modul Kollektiv
Late 2014 Modul Kollektiv release his debut on Dirty Soul before joining up with the Kittball family a year later. Since then Modul Kollektiv established a true name for himself within the house/melodic techno music world with various releases on labels like Kittball, Bad Life, Moonbootique, Soundplate Records, MTV Ibiza and many more.

Dominik Lang
The style of music he offers varies from deep to tech house, but includes some funk/ nu disco/ indie dance and sometimes even techno & house classics as well. With a keen sence of music and the sensitive understanding for the requirements of the dancefloor, he is known for always creating an infectious atmosphere.