Donnerstag Dezember

Mammoth Mammoth + Support

p.m.k. Viaduktbögen 19-20, 6020 INNSBRUCK
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Einlass: 20:30 Uhr
  • Stehplatz 11.12
Mammoth Mammoth + Support am 13. December 2018 @ p.m.k..

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH are a heavy rock band from Melbourne Australia that smash the shit out of their stoner, glam, doom, punk and psychedelic rock influences.
They’ve tagged their sound as ‚Good-time-murder-fuzz‘ – and it’s consequent effect as, ‚the sound that sometimes kills unicorns‘ and ‚more awesome than God’s tits!‘
MAMMOTH MAMMOTH also played shows with Hellyeah, Sleep and Black Label Society. 2016 will see the release of a limited edition EP MAMMOTH BLOODY MAMMOTH and the band again ripping through Europe.