Dienstag Juni

Local Focus III

rhiz - bar modern U-Bahnbogen 37, 1080 Wien
Einlass: 21:00 Uhr Beginn: 00:00 Uhr
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Local Focus III am 7. June 2016 @ rhiz - bar modern.

PAUL GRÜNDORFER is sound performer and sonic explorer, working in the areas of experimental electronic music, sonic sculptures and site specific interventions. He is developing real time audio systems, that act autonomous or in reference to the spacial constellation. While considering the encounters between analog and digital, structured or improvised elements, he is focusing on the abstract occurrence of sound and its physical impact.

(tricxikid, cabaret poulet)

PATRIK LECHNER started making electronic music at the age of 16, soon discovering environments such as Pure data and Max/MSP. From thereon he developed many tools for his own experimental music and it wasn’t long after this, that he started creating generative 3d visualizations of audio material.

His audio/visual performances took place in Austria, Italy, Germany, Canada, Dubai at MUTEK Mexico and regularly played at the Austrian Pavilion at the world exhibition in Shanghai 2010. Since 2012 Lechner is teaching at the University of Applied Sciences in St.Pölten (FH St.Pölten). In 2015 he wrote a Book about Max/MSP and TouchDesigner.


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