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Line In Yourself

Flucc Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien
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Line In Yourself – Pluto

(Die Entdeckung des Sonnensystems)

film: Bioskop

konzert: Stuttgart Online

Stuttgard Online have existed as a band since 2006, and as soon as 2007, they were proclaimed the best new comers by Popboks magazine. Their singles brought them audience attention, and placed them on all relevant domestic radio charts. “Radost u svakom domacinstvu” was released in 2009 as no.7 release in “Nova Srpska Scena” (New Serbian Scene) edition, through which production company Digimedia and publishing house Odlican Hrcak aim at presenting a new wave of domestic bands. With over sixteen songs, this album makes a one-of-a-kind manifesto against modern society diseases, and was a reaction to the environment within which we circulate daily. Through songs like “Superheroj” (Superhero), “Mlad i Gnevan” (Young and Angry) and “Kompjuter i ja” (Computer and Me), the band members, Bojan Slacala and Marko Barisic are trying to break numbness caused by civilization’s streams, and make us re-examine everything we have already accepted. The album producer is Boris Mladenovic, and it was supported by many relevant Belgrade scene bands like Repetitor, Multietnicka atrakcija, Nezni Dalibor, Kriske and Grupa kao Takva..

konzert: Multietnicka Atrakcija

Der Belgrader Band Multietnička Atrakcija (“Multiethnische Attraktion”) Multietnička Atrakcija sind dringlich und klar im Ausdruck, filtern und bündeln radikale Emotion zur Wiederbelebung einer verloren gehenden Welt in Kompositionen für Schlagzeug und Bass. MA bezeichnen ihren Stil, basierend auf der Sublimation der modernen Gesellschaft, als progressiven Rock’n’Roll. Mit ihren präzise entfalteten, einzigartigen Auftritten sind MA längst zur Attraktion geworden.

live act: Van Monte & The Anaconda Boy

AnacondaBoy Provides a mechanism of direct glitch environments sound computer into a Junk Set of Urethral sounding and Visuals

dj sets: Exmono

visuals: Karrangas