Freitag April


Arena Wien - Dreiraum Baumgasse 80, 1030 Wien
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
  • Abendkassa 10.00
  • Vorverkauf 8.00

10 years ago, Lehnen was founded by two Americans and two Austrians residing in Austria’s capital, Vienna. They play loud rock music using sonic textures and song structures predominantly found in ambient/ post-rock. Their fourth full-length studio album, „Reaching Over Ice and Waves“, explores the concept of how living in or traveling between different geographical locations affects the identity and development of an individual. The record conveys what it is like to be a foreigner hanging in the balance between two cultures, constantly home-sick regardless of where one goes, paradoxically, finding comfort and familiarity in travel, as travel itself becomes a sort of “home”.
Flights, layovers, and airports are warmly welcomed – they are the connector between the traveler and the people and places at the end of the journey. The majority of these sentiments are transported instrumentally, with occasional vocals when lyrics are needed to express specific ideas. Following the release of their acclaimed third record, „I See Your Shadow“, various tours of the United States and Europe ensued featuring shows with bands such as Russian Circles, Glasvegas, InAeona, and a recent journey through Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Germany supporting Caspian. Now, finally, with the band’s signing to Noise Appeal Records and the release of „Reaching Over Ice and Waves“, Lehnen set out to reach new heights in both artistic and performing ambition.

Lush sonic patterns, bold basslines and austere beats are spun into musical threads, which are woven into sonic landscapes and shape narrative arcs. That is the approach to crafting music that is taken by Mountain – a five-piece instrumental rock-outfit from Villach/Austria. No less than storytellers, Mountain take the listener on a journey through their music. At times thrusting soundscapes -as mighty as mountains- at the listener, other times taking the listener’s hand and guiding them on tip-toes through a cabinet of wondrous things.
In trying to characterise the sound of Mountain in more concrete terms, one has to go back to basic categories, as ascribing a genre to them generally fails. It will have to suffice to say: It can be loud, and it can be quiet. Things can get harsh and forbidding, and a few metres later resolve into something of a fragile beauty.
Dynamics are key. Mountain started as the brain-child of Philipp Otte, who has felt the urge to express himself musically since he was a little boy. Originally a solo-project, Philipp gained a record deal with the Swedish/Italian label ‚Shunu records‘, after recording demos over several years. Trying to take the idea of mountain further in the wake of the record deal, and following good advice by people close to him, Philipp surrounded himself with four talented musicians who shared his love and who also believed in the record. They grew as a band and are now ready to share their work some time later 2016.

Blam! Which kind of band would call themselves Sex On The Beach (SOTB)? Wrong answer! This is not just a clueless student combo living their wet dreams. This is a concept band that plays with references, which would only burn others. Established in 2009, this quartet consists of Master T, Buffalo Perfect, Romero III and The Russian, who play two drum kits, two guitars and a synthesizer. Behind the band is Nico Bellic, discoverer and mentor from the very beginning.
After one year of work, they now release their debut album “POWER” on Noise Appeal Records. Not a single song on this record uses a conventional structure and time after time new surprises gently caress the listener. SOTB took away the noise from noise rock to endow it with more force; gave sterile electronic music some life to make it more savory for long-haired rockers wearing leather jackets. Dull conceptionalism gets what it deserves… – because it’s not about jagged sketches, it’s much rather about – POWER.
Their work rests on minimalistic, danceable, robotic and rockistic roots influenced by Krautrock, Heavy Metal, Progpop up to electronic music. Someone listening in closely finds reminiscences in all possible directions, from the front, from behind, sideways. SOTB are danceable, popable, headbangable, immediate – and humorous. They do not see themselves in a linage of classical tradition, therefore enabling them to use their freedom to blast away all dogmas. Rearranging them in new ways to reconstruct longstanding references in unforeseen directions. Next to a big, fat grin, their faces show the obscene battle cry “POWER” – and one simply has to believe them…