Dienstag November

Laetitia Sadier

Fluc Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien
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Frau Laetitia Sadier hat innovative Popmusikgeschichte geschrieben. Als Mit-Kopf von Stereolab und in so unterschiedlichen Kooperationen wie u.a. mit Luna, Mouse on Mars oder The High Llamas sowie in ihrem eigenen Projekt Monade hat si den ganz gepflegten Lounge Pop zwischen Chanson und Galaxie 500 salonfähig gemacht.

Eine Mischung aus englisch- und französischsprachigem Pop mit Einflüssen von Jazz, Indie und Avantgarde macht ihre Musik außergewöhnlich: Sie ist geradlinig, reflektierend und – nicht zuletzt durch Filme wie “La Règle du Jeu” inspiriert – politisch: In ihrer Musik schwingt Wahrheit und Ehrlichkeit in der Stille mit. Ohne Frage eine Ausnahmekünstlerin, welche mit warmer, direkter und dennoch gelassener Stimme ihr Publikum zu verzaubern weiß.

Laetitia Sadier

“We want to be able to be inspired, contemplate beauty, achieve excellence, and live life to the fullest. But we are governed by an exploitative economic system which is keeping this from happening”. So states Stereolab´s Laetitia Sadier—in her native French—in “Manifest”, a track from We Are Divine, the debut album by her latest outfit Little Tornados. It´s far from her first extracurricular project; she previously played in Monade, and she´s also just released her third solo album, Something Shines. Regardless of how these various projects have been played, produced, packaged, and presented over the years, Sadier´s songs remain similar at their core, and that goes double for We Are Divine and Something Shines. Both albums are full of seemingly simple, subversively sophisticated avant-pop, with Sadier´s breathy, balmy voice as the high point. And as “Manifest” almost painfully demonstrates, both albums follow Stereolab´s tradition of unabashed leftist sloganeering.

In Stereolab, those slogans have always felt more abstract than literal, swirled as they are into pulsing Krautrock, bubbly yé-yé, retro-futurist exotica, and post-C86 jangle. But Sadier always sold her Marxist lullabies with a straight face, and if there´s one thing We Are Divine in particular conclusively proves, it´s that she was never even remotely joking. Little Tornados are a collective of instrumentalists formed around the core of filmmaker (and longtime Stereolab photographer) David Thayer, as well as Sadier; she´s on vocals and bass, while he handles vocals and guitar. In other words, it´s a similar group dynamic to the one Stereolab uses—only with Thayer assuming the role of Tim Gane. We Are Divine tracks like “In the Garden”, “How Many,” and “Space Liner”, laden with jazzy chords and playful ambience, could pass for decent, latter-day Stereolab outtakes, only looser and less densely layered. But it´s the lyrics of “Manifest” that hew closest to Stereolab´s alchemy of politics and pop, only it gets the balance wrong; over bouquets of vintage synths, Sadier´s pamphleteer-level pleas for freedom, equality, and brotherhood come off as canned, regardless of how exquisitely phrased they are in French.(pitchfork.com)


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