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Flex - Halle Donaukanal / Augartenbrücke, 1010 Wien

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JP Cooper am 19. May 2020 @ Flex - Halle.
  • JP Cooper
“It’s really been a case of learning on my feet as I go along, keep a smile on my face, and enjoying the ride and being grateful for it.”
And now, the next chapter in the rise and rise of JP Cooper. His second album is, he thinks, pretty much finished. That said: as someone who never stops writing, he’s keeping his options open, in case a new banger –or, just, a new keeper –pops up. “This time, I think I’ll do a lot more singles before the album,” he says, aware that he has more where Sing It With Me came from.“ Call My Name is sounding strong, a bit more in keeping with the last record, more quintessential me: lot of soulful elements in there, but it’s got a huge chorus again. “Then there’s Time Of Our Lives, which he describes as “another pop monster”. And there’s In These Arms, written with Jamie Scott (Justin Bieber, Jamie Lawson) and recorded with producer Al Shux (who’s most recent hit was Kendrick Lamar and SZA’s All The Stars, from the Black Panther soundtrack). “So, like on the first record there’s a lot of different sounds going on. But the thread that always holds it all together is the lyric and the vocal. No one can really say ‘he does this kind of music’, and I really like that.”
Here, then, again is JP Cooper, singer, songwriter and explorer extraordinaire. After the infectious September Song, get ready to sing it with him all over again with Sing It With Me.