Freitag Oktober

Jetlag Disco #3 /w Daniel Nitsch, Oberst & Buchner

Praterstrasse / PRST Praterstraße 18, 1020 Wien
Beginn: 23:00 Uhr
  • Bis 00:00 Uhr 12.00
  • Abendkassa 15.00
Jetlag Disco #3 am 13. October 2023 @ Praterstrasse / PRST.
Curated by Oberst & Buchner, ‚Jetlag Disco‘ covers every shade of music resonating between disco, house, techno and dark mesmerizing vibes on one of the best sound systems in town.
Reflecting the basic idea of the sound, Daniel Nitsch from Rostock, known from projects like The Glitz or Hounah. Daniel’s DJ-Sets are characterized by his long experience, a special diversity, soulful moments and a warm deep groove. But feel it for yourself!
Join the jetlag.

Line Up

Daniel Nitsch
Oberst & Buchner

23H – limited presale 12€ – AK 12€<00:00>15€