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I caused the within mentioned persons to be Executed according to the Tenour of the with warrant

‘We Go Hunting’

New single by iLiKETRAiNS
 (Beggars Banquet BBQ 412)

‘Pop music is traditionally the sound of now. The genius of iLiKETRAiNS, rests in the fact that they’re more interested in being the sound of then. A band whose sound is akin to Interpol sound tracking a state funeral.The Guardian

February 4th 2008 sees the release of a third single from iLiKETRAiNS debut album ‚Elegies To Lessons Learnt‘. ‘We Go Hunting’ is an enormous charge of a song. Its pace and immediacy powerfully convey the chaos and paranoid hysteria experienced by the victims of  their new subject matter; The Salem Witch Trials. In Massachusetts, 1692 nineteen people were accused, tried and hung as witches at the hands of Samuel Parris and the church. The cult band from Leeds have brought back this past tragedy through their inimitable, dramatic sound and style. ‘We Go Hunting’ has been a live favourite over the course of their busy year and as were the Trials, it is short, sharp and brutal. With typical iLT attention to detail, it was recorded in an old Chapel and was mixed by Ken Thomas, who works with Sigur Rós.
The release includes a previously un-released song ‘More Weight’. These were the last words by Giles Corey who was arrested on suspicion of being a wizard during the Trials. Aware that he would be tried and executed, Corey entered no plea to the court. The punishment for this was to be slowly crushed under a great weight until they either enter or plea or die. For two days Corey was pressed under rocks until he died. As he hadn’t given a plea, his estate was handed down to his children and not to the local authorities.

iLiKETRAiNS have created their own singular world sitting in delightfully dark, cultish contrast to  the rest of the music scene. Their musical intentions are far removed from the traditional clichés of the media and yet through their spine tingling anthems they have earned a huge following of dedicated and passionate fans. With the release of their debut album in October, their reputation has extended far and wide, out of Leeds, into Europe and across to America.

Termed fittingly by The Times as ‘Library Rock’, their use of tragic historical characters and morose events to instill specific emotion to their epic music, is exquisitely English and has won them support from all areas. They have been covered widely in publications ranging from the NME to the Financial Times, The Sun and Daily Mail to Rail News; from Aesthetica, Bizarre and American Hustler to Broadsheet press. They have been quietly praised in all the music monthlies and were number 2 in Mojo listeners best songs. They have been on Radio One, Radio 2, Radio 4, 6Music and The BBC’s Politics Programme, have been mentioned in the House of Commons and given talks at universities. With an ever increasing audience, they have performed at most major festivals; headlined to thousands in some European countries and this year have sold out London’s Dingwalls and The Scala.

Though history may seem an unlikely ‚rock‘ topic, iLiKETRAiNS succeed in bringing the past into present via incredible, rousing tales of courage and failure set against beautiful, often monstrous musical pieces.

 “Frankly, genius is an understatement.” NME