Dienstag Dezember

Hank von Hell

Flex - Café Donaukanal / Augartenbrücke, 1010 Wien
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
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Teilnahmeschluss: 08. Dezember 2018

Hank von Hell am 11. December 2018 @ Flex - Café.


Virginia Hill

Tyler Leads


It’s time.
Eight years have passed since the world of Punk Rock lost one of their greatest. The legendary frontman of Turbonegro, Hank Von Hell, left the scene and stated that he would never come back again. Fans all over the world have craved a return, begged him to reconsider. But Hank have firmly said “No”. Until now.
Like the rise of a Phoenix, Hank Von Hell rises from the ashes and is once again re-born as Hank Von Hell. On the 31st of August, 2018, he releases his very first single as a solo artist, ”Bum to Bum”.
Blood” is the second single from Hank von Hell’s highly anticipated comeback album ”Egomania”, due to be released on November 2nd, 2018. The song was written by Hank von Hell & Cat Casino, and produced by A.W. Nine at Crehate Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden. In line with the title, the cover art was painted by artist Felicia Rosvall from Hank’s own blood.
Listen to “Blood” here: http://lnk.to/HankVonHell
Hank’s own words about the song: -”Blood” is not just a song, it’s an anthem. I actually think this is the greatest song ever written. As we were writing this track, I felt that the lyrics needed to represent something great and meaningful for me. You know, something that was reflecting my life, and really ”hit home” so to speak. Then it came to me, something really personal and also a secret that I had been carrying for so many years that needed to come out. I am actually a shark. Yes, a real shark. I am a shark trapped in a fat, handsome and masculine body. All my life I’ve dreamt of having fins and sharp teeth. So this song is about my urge for blood. Kinda’ / Hanky
Virginia Hill
What Phillie started as a foundation for his 2012 solo album „Love with fear“, where an array of local singers lent their talents to each track, evolved to something more than planned. The now stabilized line-up of Phillie (lead guitar), Marcus H.P. (bass) and Jay Ratama (drums) where joined on a permanent basis by seasoned front man Paulie Vercouteren (Hollywood Vampires, Kill City Bandits), on lead vocals, and Matt Groven on rhythm guitar.

The highly anticipated debut album „Makin’ Our Bones“ is out now! A classy, melodic 8-track-attack, featuring the single Aphrodite.

Virginia Hill has found the essence of what makes rock n’ roll more than just music, with choruses that sticks to your brain, catchy beats, and riffs that makes you sing. All delivered with a more than high energy live performance.


Tyler Leads

Seit Januar 2016 sind TYLER LEADS aus dem nordrhein-westfälischen Recklinghausen nun öffentlich aktiv und haben trotz der vermeintlich jungen Bandgeschichte schon einiges an Aktivitäten vorzuweisen.

So steht nach nicht einmal einem Jahr Abstand zum Debüt BURNING SMOKE (2016) bereits der Nachfolger STAY UGLY (2017) in den Startlöchern, den die Band, stilecht zur Kursrichtung Heavy Rock, live eingezimmert hat.?Und diese Entscheidung kommt nicht von ungefähr.

Dass man es bei TYLER LEADS mit einem echten Live-Act zu tun hat, wird der Band sicher keiner der schweißdurchtränkten Besucher ihrer bisherigen Konzerte absprechen wollen. Diese umfassen neben zahlreichen Opener-Shows für Szenehelden wie DEAD LORD, PRAYING MANTIS, THUNDERMOTHER oder SATAN auch Slots auf namenhaften Festivals wie z.B. dem HELLFEST, DONG OPEN AIR, WALTROPER PARKFEST u.v.m.

Das Fundament ist gelegt, die Marschrichtung für die Zukunft klar: Sky is the limit!