Freitag Juni

Goosfraba mit Max Abysmal

Celeste Hamburgerstrasse 18, 1050 Wien
Einlass: 22:00 Uhr Beginn: 22:00 Uhr
Goosfraba mit Max Abysmal am 29. June 2018 @ Celeste.

_ Max Abysmal (Safe Trip, Amsterdam)

_ AD! (Bauhouse, Stuttgart)

_Simoncello (Wardrobe Records, Wien)

_DJ Oxi (Fundbüro Hernals, Wien)

Goosfraba (n.)
1. a word that Eskimos use to calm down their children.
2. a word Eskimos use when they’re having sex.
– no example available.

Goosfraba’s Annual

ok, wir haben’s doch wieder geschafft. Also kommts alle, es wird fettttttttt t ttttt tt tt tt t .

Max Abysmal

Max’s agent told us that Max doesn’t have a bio because he doesn’t like bios…so we tried to create one for him, we hope he’ll like it. Max was born in Australia and likes music, so he went to Amsterdam to study music. He studied hard, eventually also at De School where he plays regularly. Max quickly became one of those names that can be found playing all around the city: at Red Light Radio, Studio 80 or festivals like ADE, Dekmantel and Lente Kabinet. Meanwhile Young Marco took him under the wings of his label Safe Trip, which is where he released his first EP this April. With an unabashed love for percussion-fueled tracks his overall sound is best described as experimental Chicago house beats with a boost of African rhythms and sounds, a dash of disco and a hint of Balearic to top it off with.


„Mind the Crap“