Samstag April


Fluc Wanne Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien
Beginn: 22:00 Uhr
Gaze+ am 8. April 2023 @ Fluc Wanne.

The word GAZE (/ɡeɪz/) can have different meanings and connotations. It is often an act of intent. There’s the soft gaze and the candid gaze. There’s also the oppressive gaze. There’s the gaze of surprise and the gaze of admiration. There are often conversations about the male and the female gaze.
But when talking about the QUEER GAZE, it is often seen from a creative perspective. The QUEER GAZE shows how LGBTQIA+ people create and view art.
It centres queer experiences in different forms of expression, shifting the attention away from the normative.
Moreover, the QUEER GAZE challenges binary notions of existence >>>

This is our vision for GAZE: to create a space where queer experiences are told through music, fashion and (visual) art:
Draq-performance, Dance, electronic music & queer roots combine here for a night.

Ready to dive in?