Samstag Dezember

Future Beatz pres. Rockwell

Flex Donaukanal/Augartenbrücke, 1010 WIEN
Einlass: 23:00 Uhr Beginn: 00:00 Uhr
  • Abendkasse 12.00
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Teilnahmeschluss: 10. Dezember 2015

Future Beatz pres. Rockwell am 12. December 2015 @ Flex.



    • Body&Soul
    • F4tr4xx
    • Rapture

    • MC Daxta

    Future Beats holt Thomas Green – aka ROCKWELL ins Flex. Unterstützung kommt von Kimyan Law. Heimischer Support von Body&Soul, F4tr4xx, Rapture sowie MC Daxta.

    Eintritt: 12 €

    Artist Info ROCKWELL:
    Thomas Green – aka ROCKWELL – has without question been one of the most exhilarating talents to come out of the drum and bass scene in recent times, heralded by the music press as one of the most distinct artists working today. His incredible talent has seen him release on the likes of Digital Soundboy, Renegade Hardware, Critical and Darkestral, and now Shogun Audio.
    Tracks such as ‘Underpass’, ‘Reverse Engineering’ and ‘4U’ highlighted ROCKWELL as one of the most original and talented producers in bass music, constantly dazzling with painstaking construction, beautiful arrangements and seemingly effortless ingenuity. His music offers unique textures seldom heard in electronic music, let alone drum and bass, and his unmistakable signature sound and ability enables Rockwell to demolish a dance floor with one hand while soothing your soul with the other.
    Teased by tracks like ‘I Need U’ and ‘1234’ in 2014 rumours of the incoming album were rife. Now in 2015 Rocky’s debut album ‘Obsolete Medium’ is here, an electronic adrenaline shot that mixes straight up hard-hitting D&B with sonic experiments that will leave jaws well and truly dropped.

    Artist Info KIMYAN LAW:
    As there were some flight problems which made his appearence impossible in october, this time for real:
    Kimyan Law’s music is a thing of rare beauty. Having its roots in Drum & Bass it flies far beyond the confines of that often-formulaic genre, expanding sonic ranges and disrupting standard arrangements. Mpunga incorporates African instruments and influences into his high-tech set up, achieving a rare organic and human quality amongst the cold electronics. Glittering cascades of tuned percussion are expertly weaved into layers of state-of-the-art bass and the result is a stunning array of romantic and cinematic music that, with its sheer humanity, seduces everyone who experiences it.