Samstag Dezember

Fuck off, 2016 year itch!

brut Künstlerhaus & Konzerthaus 1010 Wien
Einlass: 00:00 Uhr Beginn: 00:00 Uhr
  • Abendkasse 19.00
  • Vorverkauf 16.00

If you hated 2016, you are going to love this show. Just in time for New Years Eve, some of the city’s best known queer party collectives have joined up to give the year 2016 the farewell it deserves. Bureaulesque celebrates the best of the year’s worst. The audience is in for witty divas, blurred genders and over-weight men. A programme oscillating between cabaret and performance, drama and dramedy, designed by Vienna’s queer talents including Club H.Ø.D., GenderCrash, Naughty Night, Yeah Bear, Studio Kottlett and many more. The night’s hosts will be Dutzi Ijsenhower and Denice Bourbon. Strictly without David Bowie, Prince or any star dead or alive. And to make the next year 2017 worthwhile, a post-midnight party will feature the cheerful DJs of Sisters, GenderCrash and Malefiz – and don’t worry, there shall be no entertainment taxes or amusement dues!
Performance + a glass of sparkling wine + party: € 24 (package only available in pre-sale)
Party after 1 am: € 16 (pre-sale), € 19 (at the door)