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Dienstag April
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Samstag April

Forward Exchange Program

Wien Downtown 1010 Wien
Einlass: 10:00 Uhr Beginn: 10:00 Uhr
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Forward Exchange Program am 24. April 2018 @ Wien Downtown.

The Forward Exchange Program brings together creatives and interdisciplinary experts from Vienna, Munich, and Zurich. The kick off 2018 takes place in Vienna with a focus on “digital realities”. We will explore the possibilities of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and much more for contemporary creative work. Which effect will those technologies have on the creative process, on production, distribution and marketing?

The program targets individuals and businesses from the creative fields of design, communication, media (such as film, games) and architecture. Participants should aim to cross the boundaries of their respective disciplines and re-define their field of work with new technologies. May it be AR, VR, 3D, MR, Data, Gaming, Robotic & Sensors, Smart Objects or beyond. Munich and Zurich will host the program in the upcoming two years. Every year 6 applicants from each city will be selected.


The 5-day program from April 24th to 28th 2018 will offer direct and personal insights into Vienna’s creative scene. This includes attending the Forward Festival, participating in a full-day workshop with international industry experts, studio visits, and an exclusive dinner with speakers from the Forward Festival.


The online application opens on February 2nd 2018. The participants will be chosen in a competitive procedure. The application process ends on March 18th 2018.